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Numbers 14:45

Numbers 14:45

Then the Amalekites came down
The hill; met the Israelites as they ascended: and the Canaanites which dwelt in that hill; the same with the Amorites, one of the seven nations of Canaan, ( Numbers 13:29 ) ;

and smote them;
with the sword, having the advantage of them in coming down the hill upon them:

and discomfited them even unto Hormah;
the name of a place, so called from what happened there; as Jarchi says; either from this destruction of the Israelites at this time by these their enemies, or from the destruction of the Canaanites by Israel, ( Numbers 21:4 ) ; and so here has its name by anticipation; or it may be from both these events, and seems to be confirmed by a third of the like kind, having been in former times called Zephath, ( Judges 1:17 ) ; see ( Joshua 15:30 ) ; though some take it to be an appellative here, and not the proper name of a place, and render it even unto destruction, as the Targum of Jonathan, denoting the very great destruction and havoc that were made among them: how many were destroyed is not certain; the judgment threatened them of God soon began to take place, that their carcasses should fall in that wilderness.

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