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Numbers 4:7

Numbers 4:7

And upon the table of shewbread they shall spread a cloth of
That that also might not be seen nor touched by the Levites:

and put thereon the dishes, and the spoons, and the bowls, and the
covers to cover withal:
all which belonged to the shewbread table; the use of which, (See Gill on Exodus 25:29); these seem to be put not immediately upon the table, but upon the blue cloth spread over the table:

and the continual bread shall be thereon:
the shewbread is called "continual", because it was always on the table; for while the one was removing by a set of priests, which had stood a week, new loaves were placed by another set of priests: this bread seems at this time to be placed also upon the table, spread with the blue cloth; and from hence it appears, that the Israelites had the shewbread in the wilderness; for the making of which they might be supplied with corn from the neighbouring countries, though they themselves needed not any, being daily fed with manna.

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