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Numbers 7:84

Numbers 7:84

This [was] the dedication of the altar by the princes
These the presents they made, and the offerings they offered when the altar first began to be made use of, after it had been anointed and sanctified for sacred service:

in the day when it was anointed:
this shows that it was not the precise and exact day of the setting up of the tabernacle, and the anointing of the altar, that the above presents and offerings were brought, since they were twelve successive days in bringing; but that the sense is, that about that time, or quickly after it was anointed, the princes dedicated it in the manner before described:

twelve chargers of silver, twelve silver bowls, twelve spoons of gold;
according to the number of the princes, and the tribes they were princes of; a noble instance both of devotion and piety, and of liberality and generosity; and is a standing example on record to all princes and great personages in all successive ages, to promote religion and godliness, by their own personal conduct and behaviour, and to encourage and support it by their generous benefactions and donations: the sum total of what they contributed is in this and the following verses given.

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