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Numbers 8:16

Numbers 8:16

For they [are] wholly given unto me from among the children
of Israel
All of them, entirely, and most certainly; or, "given, given" F21, which is repeated for the confirmation of it; or because of their being twice given, first to the Lord by the children of Israel, and then by the Lord to Aaron and his sons, as Chaskuni; though Jarchi interprets it of the different parts of their service they were devoted to, given for bearing and carrying the vessels of the sanctuary, and given for the song, or to be singers in the temple:

instead of such as open, every womb, [even instead of] the firstborn
of all the children of Israel have I taken them unto me;
(See Gill on Numbers 3:12), and (See Gill on Numbers 3:13).


F21 (Myntn Myntn) "dati, dati", Pagninus, Montanus, Vatablus; so Drusius and Ainsworth.
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