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This chapter relates a second vision Solomon had at Gibeon, in which he
received an answer to his prayer in the preceding chapter, \\#1Ki 9:1-9\\
that passed between him and Hiram king of Tyre, \\#1Ki 9:10-14\\, the
places that Solomon built or repaired, \\#1Ki 9:15-19\\, the Canaanitish
people that became bondmen to him, and the officers he had among the
children of Israel, \\#1Ki 9:20-23\\ the removal of Pharaoh's daughter
to the house built for her, \\#1Ki 9:24\\. Solomon's attention to
religious services, \\#1Ki 9:25\\ and the navy of ships he employed,
which brought him in great riches, \\#1Ki 9:26-28\\.