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Psalms 100:4

Psalms 100:4

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving
The same with the gates of Zion, loved by the Lord more than all the dwellings of Jacob; the gates of Jerusalem, within which the feet of the saints stand with pleasure; the gates of Wisdom, or Christ, where his followers watch and wait; the gates into his house, the church, and the public ordinances of it, to be entered into with thankfulness for all mercies, temporal and spiritual; for the Gospel, and Gospel opportunities and ordinances:

and into his courts with praise;
with the sacrifice of praise, as in ( Psalms 96:8 ) , of these courts, see ( Psalms 65:4 ) ( 84:2 ) ,

be thankful unto him;
for all blessings of grace in him and by him; for all things, and at all times:

and bless his name;
by ascribing honour, blessing, and glory to him, saying, "blessed be his glorious name for ever", ( Psalms 72:19 ) ( 103:1 ) .