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Psalms 104:5

Psalms 104:5

Who laid the foundations of the earth
Or "founded the earth upon its bases" F12; which some take to be the waters, according to ( Psalms 24:2 ) , others the centre of gravity in it; others the mountains; others the circumambient air, by which it is poised; rather the almighty power of God, by which it subsists; this is the work of Christ the Almighty; see ( Hebrews 1:3 Hebrews 1:10 ) .

That it should not be removed for ever:
for though it may be shaken by earthquakes, yet not removed; nor will it be until the dissolution of all things, when it shall flee away before the face of the Judge, and a new earth shall succeed, ( Revelation 20:11 ) ( 21:1 ) .


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