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Psalms 105:32

Psalms 105:32

He gave them hail for rain
Egypt, at least part of it, was not used to rain, but was watered by the overflowings of the Nile; but now it had hail for rain, and a grievous hail storm it was, such as was never seen in the land of Egypt before; hail being rare, if ever there, and so frost and snow F1; this was the seventh plague, ( Exodus 9:18-26 ) , compare with this the terrible storm of hail which will fall on men at the pouring out of the seventh vial on spiritual Egypt, ( Revelation 16:21 ) .

And flaming fire in their land;
for a storm of thunder and lightning went along with the hail; fire was mingled with it, and ran upon the ground, ( Exodus 9:23 Exodus 9:24 ) .


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