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Psalms 105:9

Psalms 105:9

Which covenant he made with Abraham
Or made it known unto him, and showed him his particular interest in it; promised that he would be his God, that he would bless him; and that in his seed, the Messiah, that should spring from him, all nations of the earth should be blessed, ( Genesis 12:2 Genesis 12:3 ) ( 17:2-8 ) ( 22:16-18 ) , compare with this ( Luke 1:72 Luke 1:73 ) .

And his oath unto Isaac:
he made known to Isaac the oath which he swore to Abraham, and promised to perform it, ( Genesis 26:3 ) , or concerning Isaac {a}; in whom his seed was to be called, and in whose line from him the Messiah was to come, the grand article of this covenant.


F1 (qxvyl) de Isahac, Vatablus.
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