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Psalms 106:2

Psalms 106:2

Who can utter the mighty acts of the Lord?
&c.] Or powers F9; to which answers the Greek word for the miracles of Christ, ( Matthew 11:20 Matthew 11:21 ) , and Kimchi here restrains them to the wonders wrought in Egypt, and at the Red sea: but they may as well be extended to the mighty acts of God, and the effects of his power, in the creation of all things out of nothing; in the sustaining and government of the world; in the redemption of his people by Christ; in the conversion of sinners, and in the final perseverance of the saints; in all which there are such displays of the power of God as cannot be uttered and declared by mortal tongues.

Who can show forth all his praise?
all those things done by him, worthy of praise, they are so many and so great? see ( Psalms 40:5 ) .


F9 (twrwbg) "potentias", V. L. Michaelis; "virtutes", Cocceius.