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Psalms 109:2

Psalms 109:2

For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful
are opened against me
Or "of deceit" F24 itself; most wicked and very deceitful men, who sometimes flattered and pretended friendship, as the Jews did to Christ, when they designed ill against him; though at other times their mouths were opened, and they poured out their calumnies and reproaches very freely and largely; traducing his person, and aspersing his character as a wicked man; blaspheming his miracles, as if done by the help of the devil; charging his doctrine with novelty, falsehood, and blasphemy; loading him with invidious names, as Samaritan, madman, &c; representing him as an enemy to the state, as a seditious person, and a disturber of the nation's peace; particularly their mouths were opened against him when they called for his crucifixion, and would have no denial; and especially when he was on the cross, where they gaped upon him with their mouths, and poured out their scoffs and jeers at him; see ( Psalms 22:14 ) .

They have spoken against me with a lying tongue,
false witnesses rose up against him, and laid things to his charge he knew nothing of, and which they could not prove, ( Matthew 26:59-61 ) .


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