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Psalms 11:2

Psalms 11:2

For, lo, the wicked bend [their] bow
Are devising mischief, and making preparations to accomplish it;

they make ready their arrow upon the string;
of the bow, and are just about to execute their wicked designs;

that they may privily shoot at the upright in heart;
such as David, and those that were with him, were; they were men whose hearts were upright before God, and were of upright conversations before men, and so became the butt of the malice and resentment of wicked men; against these they formed evil purposes, delivered out bitter words, which were like sharp arrows of the mighty; threatened them with ruin and destruction, and took methods to bring about their designs and make good their words, in the most private and secret manner. Hence some of David's friends thought it most advisable for him to make his escape; adding,

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