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Psalms 115:7

Psalms 115:7

They have hands, but they handle not
So as to feel any thing that is put into their hands; they cannot make use of their hands to stretch them out, and receive anything from their worshippers; nor can they give anything to them: but our God receives and accepts the sacrifices of his people, their prayers and their praises; and opens his hand, and liberally supplies their wants, both in providence and grace.

Feet have they, but they walk not;
cannot stir from the place where they are, to the assistance of those that call unto them, ( Isaiah 46:7 ) but our God walks upon the wings of the wind, and is a present help in times of trouble; a God at hand and afar off, and makes haste to the relief of his people in distress.

Neither speak they through their throat;
or make a mournful voice as a dove, as the word is used in ( Isaiah 38:14 ) or chirp as a bird, or chatter as a crane; or warble out any note through the throat, as birds do; and much less form any articulate sound, or utter any proper word, that may be understood.

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