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Psalms 119:109

Psalms 119:109

My soul [is] continually in my hand
In the utmost jeopardy, always exposed to danger, ever delivered unto death; killed all the day long, or liable to be so: this is the sense of the phrase; see ( Judges 12:3 ) ( 1 Samuel 19:5 ) ; for what is in a man's hands may easily fall, or be taken out of them: so the Targum,

``my soul is in danger upon the back of my hands continually;''

the Septuagint, Vulgate Latin, Syriac, and Arabic versions, read, "in thy hands"; but wrongly;

yet do I not forget thy law;
it was written on his heart, and fixed in his mind; he had a true affection for it, and a hearty desire to keep it; and no danger could divert him from his duty; as Daniel, though he carried his life in his hand, yet continued to pray to his God as usual; nor could anything move the Apostle Paul from the doctrine of the Gospel, and preaching it.

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