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Psalms 119:120

Psalms 119:120

My flesh trembleth for fear of thee
Not for fear of the wrath of God coming down upon himself, nor for fear of eternal damnation; but for fear of what was coming upon the wicked, for their sins and transgressions. The word F14 used signifies such a dread and horror, which seizes a man to such a degree, that it makes the hair of his flesh to stand up; as Jarchi and Kimchi observe; see ( Psalms 119:53 ) ( Job 4:14 Job 4:15 ) ;

and I am afraid of thy judgments;
not of their coming down upon him, but upon the wicked; the thought of which is more awful to good men than to the wicked themselves; and especially when under any darkness, doubts, and fears; lest, being conscious to themselves of their own weakness, they should be left to join with the wicked in their sins, and so be partakers of their plagues.


F14 (rmo) (oryotricei) , Symmachus in Drusius; "horripilavit", Cajetanus apud Gejerum.
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