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Psalms 119:140

Psalms 119:140

Thy word is very pure
Or, "exceedingly purified" F23: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times, ( Psalms 12:6 ) ; free from, all drossy matter; from any mixtures, or the corruptions and doctrines of men; and which tends and leads to purity of heart and life;

therefore thy servant loveth it;
that which carnal men hate the word of God for, because it forbids and condemns all impurity of flesh and spirit, all impure thoughts, words, and actions; that a good man loves it for, and which is an evidence of a sanctified heart.


F23 (dam hpwru) "purificatum valde", Montanus; "liquatum, vel expurgatum valde", Gejerus.