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Psalms 119:174

Psalms 119:174

I have longed for thy salvation, O Lord
For temporal salvation and deliverance from enemies; and for spiritual and eternal salvation by the Messiah; and for the Messiah himself, the author of it: Kimchi interprets it of the salvation of the soul in the world to come; see ( Psalms 119:81 ) ;

and thy law [is] my delight;
or "delights" F14; his exceeding great delight, as being pure and perfect, holy, just, and good; a transcript of the divine nature, a revelation of the divine will; as in the hands of Christ, his surety and Saviour, who had engaged to fulfil it for him; and as written in his heart; and as delivered from the curse and condemnation of it, through the suretyship engagements of Christ.


F14 (yevev) "deliciae meae", Montanus, Tigurine version.
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