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Psalms 18:28

Psalms 18:28

For thou wilt light my candle
Or lamp F4: in ( 2 Samuel 22:29 ) , it is, "Thou [art] my lamp, O Lord"; which may either design outward prosperity, and the flourishing condition of David's kingdom; or internal spiritual light, and an increase of it, by giving fresh supplies of the oil of grace, to cause the lamp to burn more clearly; or rather the prosperous estate of Christ's kingdom; and may be the same with the lamp ordained for the Messiah, ( Psalms 132:17 ) ;

the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness;
or "cause light to shine in my darkness" F5; that is, bring me out of darkness into light; either out of adversity to prosperity, or from walking in darkness to the enjoyment of the light of his countenance; and is true of Christ, not only of the prosperity of his kingdom and interest, but of him personally; who though, when on the cross, was in darkness of soul, being forsaken by his God; yet, when raised from the dead, he was received up to heaven, and set down at the right hand of God, and was made full of joy with his countenance, ( Acts 2:28 ) .


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