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Psalms 21:7

Psalms 21:7

For the King trusteth in the Lord
That is, the King Messiah, as the Targum paraphrases it; he trusted in the Lord for his support and sustenance as man, for assistance and help in his time of trouble, and for deliverance out of it; he trusted in the Lord that he would hear him for himself, and for his people; and that he would glorify him with all glory, honour, majesty, and blessedness, before spoken of; see ( Psalms 22:8-10 ) ( Isaiah 50:7 Isaiah 50:9 ) ( John 13:31 John 13:32 ) ;

and through the mercy of the most High he shall not be moved;
God the Father is the most High; Christ is called the Son of the Highest, and the Spirit the power of the Highest, ( Luke 1:32 Luke 1:35 ) ; there is mercy with him, which is a ground of hope and trust, in his people, and also in the Messiah; see ( Psalms 89:28 ) ; and some versions make the mercy of the most High to be what the King Messiah trusts in, reading the words F2, "for the King trusteth in the Lord, and in the mercy of the most High"; but the accent "athnach", which distinguishes the propositions, will not admit of it; but the sense is, that because of the mercy, grace, goodness, and faithfulness of God in making and keeping his promises, Christ would not be and was not moved from his trust and confidence in the Lord; nor shall he even be removed from his throne of glory on which he sits; nor from the glorious and happy state in which he is: nor will it ever be in the power of his enemies to displace him; for these in time will be destroyed by him, as the following words show.


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