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Psalms 24:5

Psalms 24:5

He shall receive the blessing from the Lord
Or "who receives" F12; the future for the present; and so is a continuation of the description of a person proper to enter and abide in the church of God, as ( Psalms 24:6 ) seems to require; even one who has received every spiritual blessing in Christ in general, special grace out of his fulness; particularly the blessing of pardon, as also adoption, and a right to eternal life; though it may be that the following clause is explanative of this;

and righteousness from the God of his salvation;
from Christ, who is God his Saviour, the author of salvation; and who has brought in an everlasting righteousness, which is in him, and is a gift of his grace, and is received from him by faith, and is a great blessing indeed; it secures from condemnation and death, and entitles to eternal life.


F12 (avy) "qui accipit", Cocceius.
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