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Psalms 28:4

Psalms 28:4

Give them according to their deeds
According to the demerit of them, which is death, even death eternal;

and according to the wickedness of their endeavours;
for though wicked men do not always succeed; yet their want of success does not excuse their wickedness;

give them after the work of their hands;
see ( 2 Timothy 4:14 ) ;

render to them their desert;
what their iniquities, in thought, word, and deed, deserve: such petitions are not contrary to that Christian charity which the Gospel recommends; nor do they savour of a spirit of revenge, which is condemned by the word of God; for it should be observed, that these things are said with respect to men given up to a reprobate mind; and that the psalmist does not seek to avenge himself, nor to gratify his own mind; but he sought the glory of God, and moreover spoke by a prophetic spirit, knowing what was the will of God in this case; see ( Psalms 28:5 ) ; and therefore these petitions of his are not to be drawn into an example in common and ordinary cases.