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Psalms 29:5

Psalms 29:5

The voice of the Lord breaketh the cedars
Such an effect thunder has upon the tallest, strongest, and largest trees, as to break them into shivers;

yea, the Lord breaketh the cedars of Lebanon;
a mountain in the north part of the land of Judea, so called from its whiteness, both by reason of the snow with which some part of it is covered in summer, as Tacitus observes F2; and partly from the colour of the earth that has no snow on it, which looks as white as if it was covered with white tiles, as Maundrell F3 says; and where the goodliest cedars grow; and to which may be compared proud, haughty, lofty, and stouthearted sinners, who are broken, brought down, and laid low, by the voice of Christ in his Gospel, his power attending it. The Targum renders it, "the Word of the Lord".


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