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Psalms 33:17

Psalms 33:17

A horse [is] a vain thing for safety
Though it is prepared for the day of battle, and is a very warlike creature, and of great service in war, yet safety only is of the Lord, ( Proverbs 21:31 ) ; this is put for all kinds of military preparations which men are apt to trust in, but should not, for they are "a lie" F9, as the horse is here said to be; that is, deceives and disappoints when trusted to; in like manner the olive is said "to lie", ( Habakkuk 3:17 ) ; when hope of fruit from it is disappointed; so "fundus mendax" in Horace F11;

neither shall he deliver [any] by his great strength;
in the time of battle; either by fighting for him, or fleeing with him.


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