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Psalms 50:5

Psalms 50:5

Gather my saints together unto me
These words are spoken by Christ to the heavens and the earth; that is, to the angels, the ministers of the Gospel, to gather in, by the ministry of the word, his elect ones among the Gentiles; see ( Matthew 24:30 ) ; called his "saints", who had an interest in his favour and lovingkindness, and were sanctified or set apart for his service and glory;

those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice;
or, "who have made my covenant by, or on sacrifice" F19; the covenant of grace, which was made with Christ from everlasting, and which was confirmed by his blood and sacrifice; this his people may be said to make with God in him, he being their head, surety, and representative: now these covenant ones he will have gathered in to himself by the effectual calling, which is usually done by the ministry of the word; for this is not to be understood of the gathering of all nations to him, before him as a Judge; but of his special people to him as a Saviour, the "Shiloh", to whom the gathering of the people was to be, ( Genesis 49:10 ) ( Isaiah 27:12 Isaiah 27:13 ) ( 56:8 ) ( Zechariah 10:8 ) .


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