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Psalms 51:16

Psalms 51:16

For thou desirest not sacrifice
Legal sacrifice; for there was no sacrifice appointed under the law for murder and adultery;

else would I give [it];
he would gladly have offered it up;

thou delightest not in burnt offering;
at least such kind of sacrifices, though they were of divine appointment, and at that time in full force and use; yet they were not the only and principal sacrifices God desired and delighted in; nor were they at all acceptable to him without faith in Christ, and an humble sense of sin; and when offered in the best manner, yet spiritual obedience, acts of mercy, and sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving, were more pleasing to him, ( 1 Samuel 15:15 1 Samuel 15:22 ) ( Hosea 6:6 ) ( Psalms 69:30 Psalms 69:31 ) ; wherefore the psalmist proposed to offer praise in ( Psalms 51:15 ) , and adds what follows.

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