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Psalms 64:9

Psalms 64:9

And all men shall fear
Either God himself, or his judgments: they shall be frightened at them, learn righteousness by them, worship God, and give glory to him; they shall fear him as King of saints, his judgments being made manifest; not with a slavish fear, but with reverence and godly fear; see ( Revelation 11:13 ) ( 15:4 ) ;

and shall declare the work of God;
the punishments inflicted on wicked men; his work of justice and judgment, which is his work, his strange work; for there is no evil of punishment but the Lord has done it, ( Isaiah 28:21 ) ( Amos 3:6 ) ;

for they shall wisely consider of his doings;
consider that it is done by him, and done well and wisely, after the counsel of his own will; and so consider it as to be admonished, and take warning and caution by it. This is the use men in general should make of such dispensations of Providence; the use the righteous in particular make of them follows:

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