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Psalms 66:9

Psalms 66:9

Which holdeth our soul in life
Or, "putteth our soul in life" F2, or "among the living", which is not to be understood of infusing a living soul in man, nor of the preservation of natural life, which is common to all men; but of appointing and ordaining them unto eternal life, as the Targum; and of procuring it for them by Christ; and of implanting a principle of spiritual life in them, by his Spirit and grace; and of the preservation of the principle of life, that it be not lost; and of giving them a right and title to eternal life, and that itself: all which are a sufficient reason, and powerful argument, to bless our God, and praise his name. It follows:

and suffereth not our feet to be moved;
that is, not to be greatly moved; or if moved so as to slip and fall, yet not so as to fall finally and totally; see ( Psalms 55:22 ) ( Psalms 56:12 Psalms 56:13 ) .


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