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Psalms 68:14

Psalms 68:14

When the Almighty scattered kings in it
His inheritance, his congregation, the church, ( Psalms 68:9 Psalms 68:10 ) . Which some understand of his diffusing, and spreading and giving, in large numbers, ministers and preachers of the Gospel, pastors and teachers; who are kings and spiritual governors, are over churches, and have the rule over them in the Lord: and so Jarchi interprets them of the disciples of the wise men. Or they may be understood of the Lord's bringing into his churches such as are made kings and priests unto God, and in whose hearts grace reigns; and even of kings, in a literal sense, who will be brought into the church in the latter day, ( Isaiah 49:23 ) ( Isaiah 60:3 Isaiah 60:11 Isaiah 60:16 ) ( Psalms 68:27 Psalms 68:29 ) . Though they may be interpreted of wicked kings, and the destruction of them "by it" F6, the dove, the church of Christ; which will be done at the battle of Armageddon, at which time we read of the church being clothed in white, as follows; see ( Revelation 16:14 Revelation 16:16 ) ( Revelation 19:8 Revelation 19:14 Revelation 19:18 Revelation 19:19 ) . The name of "Almighty" well agrees with Christ, ( Revelation 1:8 ) ; or "Shaddai", who is sufficient, all sufficient; and whose grace is sufficient for his people, ( 2 Corinthians 12:9 ) ;

it was [white] as snow in Salmon;
a mountain near to Shechem, ( Judges 9:48 ) ; which seems to have had its name from the shady trees upon it; and which also, as it seems from hence, was sometimes covered with snow; as was Lebanon, so called from the whiteness of the snow on it; and Olympus is called snowy by Homer, from the snow continually on it {g}. Jarchi and Kimchi interpret it, "in darkness", or "in the shadow of death"; denoting, as Ainsworth observes, light in darkness; joy in tribulation: but rather it may design the purity of the church and people of God, through the imputation of Christ's righteousness to them, which is as fine linen, clean and white; and through his pardoning blood, whereby their scarlet and crimson sins are as white as wool, as white as snow; and through the sanctifying grace of the Spirit, by which they are washed and cleansed, and made all glorious within; and through the holiness of their lives and conversations, they hating the garment spotted with the flesh; and washing their garments, and making them white in the blood of the Lamb: or they may be said to be so, as having got the victory over all their enemies; and especially this will be the case when the kings of the earth will be scattered and destroyed by the Almighty Saviour, ( Revelation 7:9 ) ( 19:14 ) .


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