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Psalms 72:5

Psalms 72:5

They shall fear thee
The King Messiah, the Judge of the poor, and the destroyer of the oppressor: either the tyrants and oppressors themselves shall fear him, and such who have been aiding and assisting to them; see ( Revelation 11:11 Revelation 11:13 ) ; or rather the people of God, the poor of the people, and children of the needy, judged and saved by Christ; who shall fear the Lord, both internally and externally, in the exercise of grace, and in the performance of religious worship; in all the parts of it, which are both included in the fear of the Lord; of which there will be many instances, both among Jews and Gentiles, in the latter day; see ( Hosea 3:5 ) ( Isaiah 60:5 ) ( Revelation 15:4 ) ; and this they shall do,

as long as the sun and moon endure, throughout all generations;
or, "with the sun, and before the moon, generation of generations" F18; that is, to the end of the world, until sun and moon shall be no more: so long will Christ have a seed to serve him:; see ( Psalms 89:36 Psalms 89:37 ) .


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