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Psalms 78:28

Psalms 78:28

And he let it fall in the midst of their camp
Or, "his camps" F12; the four camps of Israel; for so many there were, ( Numbers 2:1 ) or the camp of God, where he dwelt, and before which he went as the General, Leader, and Commander of them; in the midst of this, or by it, by the side of it, ( Numbers 11:31 ) , the flesh or feathered fowl fell, so that they had no trouble to fetch it in; and here it fell by the order and direction of the Lord himself; he caused it to fall, without whose knowledge and will a sparrow does not fall to the ground, ( Matthew 10:29 ) . These creatures fell either, as some think, being wearied with their flight over the Red sea; or through their wings being broken by the vehemency of the wind that brought them, as others; or by the moistness of the south wind, which wetted their wings, and made them flag and fall; but, by whatever means this was done, it was so ordered by the Lord that they should fall, and fall just in the place where they did:

round about their habitations;
for the space of a day's journey on every side, where they lay in heaps, here and there, two cubits high, ( Numbers 11:31 ) , so that they could gather them with great ease, and had no need of arrows to shoot at them, nor nets to spread for them; they were ready at hand, and in great plenty.


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