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Revelation 11:16

Revelation 11:16

And the four and twenty elders
The same with those in ( Revelation 4:4 ) ;

which sat before God on their seats;
as they are also there described; and which may be expressive of their enjoyment of the divine Presence; and also of their quiet and undisturbed situation, being restored to their former places, which they now possess without molestation and interruption; for as these are the representatives of Gospel churches in all ages, they were with the church in the wilderness during the 1260 days, or years: hence we hear nothing of them from the time of the sealing of the hundred and forty and four thousand, and during the sounding of the trumpets; but now they are restored to their former seats, and upon this wonderful change of things in the world, they

fell upon their faces and worshipped God;
in a very humble and reverential posture, and in a way of praise and thanksgiving.

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