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Psalms 13


Psalms 13:1-6 . mourning God's absence and the triumph of his enemies, prays for relief before he is totally destroyed, and is encouraged to hope his trust will not be in vain.

1. The forms of expression and figure here used are frequent (compare Psalms 9:12 Psalms 9:18 , Psalms 10:11 Psalms 10:12 ).
How long . . . for ever--Shall it be for ever?

2. The counsels or devices of his heart afford no relief.

3. lighten mine eyes--dim with weakness, denoting approaching death (compare 1 Samuel 14:27-29 , Psalms 6:7 , 38:10 ).

4. rejoice--literally, "shout as in triumph."
I am moved--cast down from a firm position ( Psalms 10:6 ).

5, 6. Trust is followed by rejoicing in the deliverance which God effects, and, instead of his enemy, he can lift the song of triumph.