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2.2.2. Finding Your Way Around

Digital versions of the commentary contain navigation controls which facilitate movement through the text. The following controls are located at the top and bottom of each major section.

Navigation Aids in the Electronic Version

Navigation Aids in the Electronic Version

Each control in the diagram above is described below:
  1. Audio Course - Click on this button to listen to the companion audio course on the book of Revelation.
  2. Hebrew and Greek Fonts - Click on this button to obtain the necessary Hebrew and Greek fonts for viewing the original Bible languages in the text. See Hebrew and Greek Fonts.
  3. Download - Click on this button to download the commentary from our website to your computer. This allows the commentary to be viewed when disconnected from the internet. It also provides faster access for those with a slow internet connection.
  4. Choose Bible - Click on this button to choose between different Bible translations when looking up verses.
  5. Find Entry - Type a section number, topic, or Bible address of interest. Click on the Go button (or type [ENTER] on the keyboard) to open the related section, topic, or address. To open section 1.3, type 1.3. To find the topic symbol, type symbol.1 To open this section you are reading from anywhere in the commentary, type navigating . To open the verse-by-verse commentary associated with Revelation Rev. 3:10+, type 3:10 or Rev. Rev. 3:10+.
  6. Go - Click on this button (or type [ENTER] on the keyboard) to find the section number, section heading, or Bible address which appears in the Find Entry.
  7. Previous - Click on this button to go to the preceding topic (the previous major section heading).
  8. Up - Click on this button to go to the containing “parent” section (e.g., from 2.2 to 2).
  9. Table of Contents - Opens the Table of Contents. There is also an Expanded Table of Contents in the Reference Information which lists every section heading in the entire commentary.
  10. Next - Click on this button to go to the following topic (the next major section heading).


1 Topics are searched for within section titles, glossary entries, and index entries. The first section title, glossary entry, or index entry containing the word or phrase is opened.