13.5.5. The 70th Week in Relation to the Book of Revelation

The following simplified outline from Fruchtenbaum illustrates how Daniel’s 70th week (the Tribulation) relates to the overall chronology of the events in the book of Revelation .1

The Tribulation in the book of Revelation
Rev. Rev. 1:1-3+Introduction.
Rev. Rev. 1:4-8+Salutation.
Rev. Rev. 1:9-20+The Things That John Saw.
Rev. Rev. 2:1+-Rev. 3:22+The Things Which Are.
Rev. Rev. 4:1+-Rev. 5:14+Events in Heaven Preceding the Great Tribulation.2
Rev. Rev. 6:1+-Rev. 9:21+First Half of the Tribulation.
Rev. Rev. 10:1+-Rev. 14:20+Events of the Middle of the Tribulation.
Rev. Rev. 15:1+-Rev. 16:21+The Second Half of the Tribulation.
Rev. Rev. 17:1-18+Ecclesiastical Babylon (Recurrence: First Half).3
Rev. Rev. 18:1-24+Political Babylon (Recurrence: Second Half).
Rev. Rev. 19:1+-Rev. 20:3+The Second Coming and Aftermath.
Rev. Rev. 20:4-6+The Messianic Kingdom.
Rev. Rev. 20:7-14+The Aftermath of the Messianic Kingdom.
Rev. Rev. 21:2+-Rev. 22:5+The Eternal Order.
Rev. Rev. 22:6-21+Conclusion.


1 Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, The Footsteps of Messiah, rev ed. (Tustin, CA: Ariel Ministries, 2003), 8-10.

2 [Ibid., 9,175] applies the term Great Tribulation to the entire seven years whereas other interpreters apply it to only the last half of this period.

3 Fruchtenbaum believes the Harlot in Revelation Rev. 17:1+ differs from the city Babylon in Revelation Rev. 18:1+. We believe the Harlot and the city are one and the same.