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17.18.1. Babylon and the New Jerusalem

Two of the women who play key roles in the Book of Revelation are cities: Babylon and the New Jerusalem. This is no accident as one is the city of man whereas the other is the city of God.

City of Man vs. City of God
BabylonNew Jerusalem
Built by Man (Gen. Gen. 10:10; Gen. 11:4; Rev. Rev. 17:18+; Rev. 18:23+). Built by God (Ps. Ps. 46:4; Ps. Ps. 87:3; Isa. Isa. 60:14; Gal. Gal. 4:26; Heb. Heb. 11:10; Heb. 12:22; Heb. 13:14; Rev. Rev. 3:12+; Rev. 21:2+, Rev. 21:10+).
Shown by Angel with Bowl (Rev. Rev. 17:1+). Shown by Angel with Bowl (Rev. Rev. 21:9+).
Seen from wilderness (Rev. Rev. 17:3+). Seen from high mountain (Rev. Rev. 21:10+).
Great City (Rev. Rev. 17:1+). Great City (Rev. Rev. 21:10+)1 .
Fornicator (Rev. Rev. 17:2+). Holy (Rev. Rev. 21:2+, Rev. 21:10+).
A harlot (Rev. Rev. 17:1+). A bride, wife (Rev. Rev. 21:2+, Rev. 21:9+).
Adorned with precious stones (Rev. Rev. 17:4+). Adorned with precious stones (Rev. Rev. 21:18-20+).
Adorned with pearls (Rev. Rev. 17:4+). Adorned with pearls (Rev. Rev. 21:21+).
Clothed with purple and scarlet (Rev. Rev. 17:4+; Rev. 18:16+). Clothed with light (Rev. Rev. 21:11+, Rev. 21:18+, Rev. 21:23-24+).
Believer’s blood in her (Rev. Rev. 17:6+; Rev. 18:24+; Rev. 19:2+). Believers in her (Rev. Rev. 3:12+; Rev. 14:2+; Rev. 21:24+, Rev. 21:27+).
Demons in her (Rev. Rev. 18:2+). Saints in her (Rev. Rev. 3:12+; Rev. 14:2+; Rev. 21:24+, Rev. 21:27+).
Foundation has names of blasphemy (Rev. Rev. 17:3+). Foundation has names of apostles (Rev. Rev. 21:14+).
Contains abominations (Rev. Rev. 17:4+; Rev. 18:2+). Contains no abomination (Rev. Rev. 21:27+).
King’s fornicate with (Rev. Rev. 17:2+; Rev. 18:3+). King’s honor (Rev. Rev. 18:3+).
Destroyed (Rev. Rev. 14:8+; Rev. 16:19+; Rev. 17:16+; Rev. 18:17+, Rev. 18:19+). Eternal (Heb. Heb. 13:14; Rev. Rev. 22:5+).


1 Great is in the TR, but not the NU or MT text.