2 Corinthians 7:11

This selfsame thing (auto touto). "This very thing," "the being made sorry according to God" (to kata qeon luphqhnai, articular first aorist passive infinitive with which auto touto agrees and the proleptic subject of the verb kateirgasato. Earnest care (spoudhn). Diligence, from speudw, to hasten. Cf. Romans 12:11 . Yea (alla). Not adversative use of alla, but copulative as is common (half dozen examples here). Clearing of yourselves (apologia). In the old notion of apologia (self-vindication, self-defence) as in 1 Peter 3:15 . Indignation (aganakthsin). Old word, only here in N.T. From aganakteo ( Mark 10:14 , etc.). Avenging (ekdikhsin). Late word from ekdikew, to avenge, to do justice ( Luke 18:5 ; Luke 21:22 ), vindication from wrong as in Luke 18:7 , to secure punishment ( 1 Peter 2:14 ). Pure (agnou). Kin to agio (azw, to reverence), immaculate.