2 Peter 3:15

In his sight (autwi). Ethical dative. Referring to Christ. Is salvation (swthrian). Predicate accusative after hgeisqe in apposition with makroqumian (long-suffering), an opportunity for repentance (cf. 1 Peter 3:20 ). The Lord here is Christ. Our beloved brother Paul (o agaphto adelpo Paulo). Paul applies the verbal agaphto (beloved) to Epaphras ( Colossians 1:7 ), Onesimus ( Colossians 4:9 ; Philemon 1:16 ), to Tychicus ( Colossians 4:7 ; Ephesians 6:21 ), and to four brethren in Romans 16 (Epainetus Romans 16:5 , Ampliatus Romans 16:8 , Stachys Romans 16:9 , Persis Romans 16:12 ). It is not surprising for Peter to use it of Paul in view of Galatians 2:9 , in spite of Galatians 2:11-14 . Given to him (doqeisan autwi). First aorist passive participle of didwmi with dative case. Peter claimed wisdom for himself, but recognises that Paul had the gift also. His language here may have caution in it as well as commendation. "St. Peter speaks of him with affection and respect, yet maintains the right to criticise" (Bigg).