Galatians 1:6

Ye are so quickly removing (outw tacew metatiqesqe). The present middle indicative of metatiqhmi, to change places, to transfer. "You are transferring yourselves" and doing it "so quickly" either from the time of their conversion or most likely from the time when the Judaizers came and tempted them. So easily some of them are falling victims to these perverters of the gospel. That is a continuous amazement (qaumazw) to Paul and to men today that so many are so silly and so gullible to modern as to ancient charlatans. Unto a different gospel (ei eteron euaggelion). See on "2Co 11:4" for distinction between allo and eteron as here. It is not here or there a mere difference in emphasis or spirit as in Philippians 1:18 so long as Christ is preached. These men as in 2 Corinthians 11:4 preach "another Jesus" and a "different gospel" and so have fallen away from grace and have done away with Christ ( Galatians 5:4 ). Hence the vehemence of Paul's words.