Galatians 4:20

I could with (hqelon). Imperfect active, I was wishing like Agrippa's use of eboulomhn in Acts 25:22 , "I was just wishing. I was longing to be present with you just now (arti)." To change my voice (allaxai thn pwnhn mou). Paul could put his heart into his voice. The pen stands between them. He knew the power of his voice on their hearts. He had tried it before. I am perplexed (aporoumai). I am at a loss and know not what to do. Aporew is from a privative and poro, way. I am lost at this distance from you. About you (en umin). In your cases. For this use of en see 2 Corinthians 7:16 ; Galatians 1:24 .