Hebrews 13:15

Through him (di autou). That is Jesus. He is our Priest and Sacrifice, the only efficient and sufficient one. Let us offer up (anaperwmen). Present active volitive subjunctive of anaperw, "let us keep on offering up." Jesus is living and let us go to him. A sacrifice of praise (qusian ainesew). This phrase occurs in Leviticus 7:12 ; Ps 54:8. The word ainesi (from ainew, to praise), common in LXX, is only here in N.T. The fruit of lips (karpon ceilewn). In apposition (tout estin) and explanation of qusian ainesew. Cf. Hosea 14:3 ; Isaiah 57:19 . Which made confession to his name (omologountwn twi onomati autou). This use of omologew with the dative in the sense of praise like exomologew is unique, though the papyri furnish examples in the sense of gratitude (Moulton and Milligan, Vocabulary).