Jude 1:13

Wild waves (kumata agria). Waves ( Matthew 8:24 , from kuew, to swell) wild (from agro, field, wild honey Matthew 3:4 ) like untamed animals of the forest or the sea. Foaming out (epaprizonta). Late and rare present active participle of epaprizw, used in Moschus for the foaming waves as here. Cf. Isaiah 57:20 . Shame (aiscuna). Plural "shames" (disgraces). Cf. Philippians 3:19 . Wandering stars (astere planhtai). "Stars wanderers." Planhth, old word (from planaw), here alone in N.T. Some refer this to comets or shooting stars. See Isaiah 14:12 for an allusion to Babylon as the day-star who fell through pride. For ever (ei aiwna). The rest of the relative clause exactly as in 2 Peter 2:17 .