Revelation 19:12

A flame of fire (plox puro). As in the opening vision of Christ in Isaiah 1:14 ( Isaiah 2:18 ). Many diadems (diadhmata polla). A new feature, but the dragon has a diadem on each of his seven heads ( Isaiah 12:3 ) and the first beast one upon each of his ten horns ( Isaiah 13:1 ). So the victorious Messiah will wear many royal diadems and not mere crowns, because he is King of kings ( Isaiah 19:16 ). And he hath (kai ecwn). Nominative active present participle of ecw either used absolutely as an independent verb (like indicative) or in an anacoluthon, though autou (his) is genitive. A name written (onoma gegrammenon). Perfect passive participle of grapw as in Isaiah 2:17 (cf. Isaiah 3:12 ). But he himself (ei mh auto). "Except himself" (common ellipsis of the verb after ei mh, "if not"). See Isaiah 2:17 ; Isaiah 3:12 for the new name there described. See Isaiah 14:1 for the name of Christ on the forehead of the 144,000, and Isaiah 17:5 for the name on the forehead of the harlot. This word here supplements what Jesus says in Matthew 11:27 .