Revelation 19:8

That she should array herself (ina peribalhtai). Sub-final object clause subject of edoqh (was given to her) with ina and the second aorist middle (direct) of periballw to fling around. This bridal dress is a gift from Christ. This form, edoqh (it was given), occurs some 20 times in this book. In fine linen, bright and pure (bussinon lampron kaqaron). See Ephesians 19:14 for the same raiment on those accompanying "The Word of God" and for the seven angels in Ephesians 15:6 . See by contrast the garments of the harlot ( Ephesians 17:4 ; Ephesians 18:16 ). For bussinon see Ephesians 18:16 . The righteous acts of the saints (ta dikaiwmata twn agiwn). This is the explanation (gar) of the bridal dress and explains why there is work for the Bride as well as for Christ ( Philippians 2:12 ). See Revelation 15:4 for dikaiwma (also Romans 5:18 ).