Revelation 19:9

Write (Grapson). First aorist active imperative of grapw as in Romans 1:11 ; Romans 14:13 . The speaker may be the angel guide of Romans 17:1 . It is another beatitude (makarioi, Blessed) like that in Romans 14:13 (fourth of the seven in the book). They which are bidden (oi keklhmenoi). Articular perfect passive participle of kalew, like Matthew 22:3 ; Luke 14:17 . Cf. Revelation 17:14 . This beatitude reminds us of that in Luke 14:15 . (Cf. Matthew 8:11 ; Matthew 26:29 .) These are true words of God (Houtoi oi logoi alhqinoi tou qeou eisin). Undoubtedly, but one should bear in mind that apocalyptic symbolism "has its own methods and laws of interpretation, and by these the student must be guided" (Swete).