Revelation 20:3

Into the abyss (ei thn abusson). The one in 2 Peter 9:1 and the one spoken of by the legion of demons in Luke 8:31 under the charge of the angel of the abyss (Apollyon, Revelation 9:11 ) who is either Satan himself or a kindred power. "Already he has been cast out of Heaven ( Revelation 12:9 ), now he is cast out of the earth, and returns to his own place" (Swete). Shut it and sealed it (ekleisen kai espragisen). Effective first aorists active indicative of kleiw and spragizw. That he should deceive no more (ina mh planhsh). Negative purpose clause with ina mh and the first aorist active subjunctive of planaw. Glorious relief after the strain of the previous visions of conflict. Small wonder that Christians today cherish this blessed hope whatever the actual meaning may be. Until should be finished (acri telesqh). Temporal clause of future purpose with acri (as a conjunction like ew) and the first aorist passive subjunctive of telew. Repeated in verse Revelation 5 and see acri and the subjunctive in Revelation 7:3 ; Revelation 15:8 . He must be loosed (dei luqhnai). Sad necessity, alas, with dei and the first aorist passive infinitive of luw. For a little time (mikron cronon). Accusative of time. Whatever the thousand years means, it is here said plainly that after it is over the devil will again have power on earth "for a little time."