Revelation 4:3

To look upon (orasei). Locative case of orasi, old word (from oraw, to see) for appearance (in appearance) as in Ezekiel 1:5 Ezekiel 1:26 . Like a jasper stone (omoio iaspidi). Associative-instrumental case of iaspi, old word (Persian), used for stones of different colors, one opaque like opal, one translucent ( Ezekiel 21:11 Ezekiel 21:18 , possibly here, only N.T. examples), one a red or yellow stone ( Isaiah 54:12 ). Some even take it for the diamond. Certainly not our cheap modern jasper. A sardius (sardiwi). Old word, in N.T. only here and Isaiah 21:20 . The carnelian or other red stone, derived from Sardis (Pliny). Rainbow (iri). Old word, in N.T. only here and Isaiah 10:1 . From Ezekiel 1:28 . An emerald (smaragdinwi). Adjective (from smaragdo, Revelation 21:19 ), of emerald (supply liqwi), in associative instrumental case after omoio. John sees no form for God ( Exodus 24:10 ), but only the brilliant flashing gems. "In the vision the flashing lustre of the iaspi and the fiery red of the sard are relieved by the halo (iri) of emerald which encircled the Throne" (Swete). A complete circle.