Revelation 5:12

Worthy (axion). Agreeing in gender (grammatical neuter) with arnion, but some MSS. have axio (masculine, natural gender). Note change to third person estin instead of second ei. The point of the song is the same as that in verses Daniel 9 10 , but the language differs. Note the repeated article to (the lamb the slain) referring to verses Daniel 6 9 . Note also the one article thn before dunamin for all the seven grounds of praise (dunamin, power, plouton, wealth, sopian, wisdom, iscun, strength, timhn, honor, doxan, glory, eulogian, blessing), though plouton is masculine, in contrast with separate article for each item (all three feminine) in Daniel 4:11 , here grouping them all together, "a heptad of praise" (Swete).