Psalm 78:35



Verse 35. And they remember that God was their rock. Sharp strokes awoke their sleepy memories. Reflection followed infliction. They were led to see that all their dependence must be placed upon their God; for he alone had been their shelter, their foundation, their fountain of supply, and their unchangeable friend. What could have made them forget this? Was it that their stomachs were so full of flesh that thy had no space for ruminating upon spiritual things?

And the high God their redeemer. They had forgotten this also. The high hand and outstretched arm which redeemed them out of bondage had both faded from their mental vision. Alas, poor man, how readily dost thou forget thy God! Shame on thee, ungrateful worm, to have no sense of favours a few days after they have been received. Will nothing make thee keep in memory the mercy of thy God except the utter withdrawal of it?



Verse 34-36. See Psalms on "Psalms 78:34" for further information.

Verse 34-37. See Psalms on "Psalms 78:34" for further information.

Verse 35. Redeemer. That is, from Egyptian bondage; for the bulk of the people did not understand the spiritual redemption which was typified by that transaction. Thomas Scott.

Verse 35. Between this and the following verse the Masorah puts this note, "half of the book" i.e., half of the Book of Psalms ends here. John Gill.



Verse 34-37. The hypocrite's feet, Psalms 78:34 . The hypocrite's memory, Psalms 78:35 . The hypocrite's tongue, Psalms 78:36 . The hypocrite's heart, Psalms 78:37 . Or, the hypocrite's cloak and the hypocrite's heart. C. D.

Verse 39,35. God's memory of his people and their memory of God.