Psalm 94:21



Verse 21. They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, so many are there of them that they crowd their assemblies, and carry their hard measures with enthusiasm; they are the popular party, and are eager to put down the saints. In counsel, and in action, they are unanimous; their one resolve is to hold their own tyrannical position, and put down the godly party.

And condemn the innocent blood. They are great at slander and false accusation, nor do they stick at murder; no crime is too great for them, if only they can trample on the servants of the Lord. This description is historically true in reference to persecuting times; it has been fulfilled in England, and may be again if Popery is to advance in future time at the same rate as in the past few years. The dominant sect has the law on its side, and blasts that it is the national church; but the law which establishes and endows one religion rather than another is radically an injustice. God has no fellowship with it, and therefore the synagogue of Ritualism will yet be a stench in the nostrils of all sane men. What evil times are in store for us it is not for us to prophesy; it is ours to leave the matter in the hands of him who cannot be in fellowship with an oppressive system, and will not always endure to be insulted to his face by Popish idols, and their priests.



Verse 21-22.

  1. The Danger of the righteous ( Psalms 94:21 ).
  • Their Defence ( Psalms 94:22 ). G. R.

    Verse 21-23.

    1. Sentence passed in the court of injustice ( Psalms 94:21 ).
  • An element in the case not considered by the court ( Psalms 94:22 ).
  • The sentence consequently alighting on the right heads ( Psalms 94:23 ). (This passage, under a very thin veil, exhibits Christ. Mt 27:
    1. C.A.D.