1 Chronicles 8:28

Overview - 1 Chronicles 8
The sons and chief men of Benjamin.
33 The stock of Saul and Jonathan.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Chronicles 8:28  (King James Version)
These were heads of the fathers, by their generations, chief men. These dwelt in Jerusalem.

Joshua 15:63 ; 18:28 Judges 1:21 ; Nehemiah 11:1 Nehemiah 11:7-9

Jerusalem, the ancient capital of Judea, is situated in long. 35 degrees 20
min. E., lat. 31 degrees 47 min 47 sec. N.;
and, according to the best authorities, 136 miles S W. of Damascus, 34 miles S
of Shechem or Nablous, 45 miles E. of Jaffa, 27 miles N
of Hebron, and about 20 ; miles W. of Jericho. The city of Jerusalem was built on hills, and encompassed with mountains, ( Psalms 125:2, ,)in a stony and barren soil, and was about sixteen furlongs in length, say Strabo. The ancient city of Jebus, taken by David from the Jebusites, was not large, and stood on a mountain south of that on which the temple was erected. Here David built a new city, called the city of David, wherein was the royal palace. Between these two mountains lay the valley of Millo, filled up by David and Solomon; and after the reign of Manasseh, another city is mentioned, called the second. The Maccabees considerably enlarged Jerusalem on the north, enclosing a third hill; and Josephus mentions a fourth hill, called Bezetha, which Agrippa joined to the former: this new city lay north of the temple, along the brook Kidron
See note ch. 9:34 .